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Bulk mailings, spam, viruses, or any newsgroup postings that may appear to be from an address are in no way associated with this site or domain. The from/reply/return address(es) have been forged. Such forgery has become a very common practice, since using made up addresses in innocent domains helps the spammers get past some common spam filters. A fellow innocent bystander has written a report about his experiences with this. Here is a good link to tips on tracing, reporting, and fighting spam. We also welcome receiving reports of any spam that forges an address at, so that we can file complaints with the spammer's ISPs. You must include full headers for us to be able to properly trace the spam. No reply will be sent to you, unless one is requested by checking the reply box. Note to Email Admins: We publish SPF records for this domain. Any email that claims to come from, that doesn't validate under SPF is a forgery and should preferably be deleted before reaching your user's mailbox.

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Sorry, but I get thousands of form bot spams without a captcha on these.

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