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Most of you probably have email addresses and may be wondering why you would want another. There can be many reasons, a few of the most common are listed below. Also, the price of these solutions is certainly right.

First Reason(s): A number of people seem to use their "work" email addresses as their personal addresses too. Why not? It's "free" and very easy. There are some things to consider though. At most companies your email is not private and may be monitored, copies may be kept for a long time. Your company probably has rules about email that you ought to know, they may even go so far as to prohibit personal use. You are subject to loosing your email account or address at any time, you may not have any notice. Your email identity is tied to your employer's domain name.

Second Reason: A number of these choices give you the possibility of maintaining a constant email address that follows you when you change providers. (But don't assume your "lifetime" free address will be. With companies merging or folding addresses are subject to change.)

Third Reason: If you get a lot of spam you could keep changing your free address to avoid it while maintaining your same unpublished real address.

Fourth Reason: Can select easy to remember and/or fun email addresses.

Fifth Reason: The front part of the name you want may not be available from your provider, but probably is from one or more of the free services (although maybe not from the major ones).

Sixth Reason: Can set up an address that will possibly command more respect than some addresses such as aol.com (although some of the free addresses won't).

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